Today I didn't wake up that easily, I drove the golf cart, of course stopped by to get pokestops for my dad! My new pet bird, were not sure if it's a girl or a boy but my pet bird bit me really hard and I don't think it likes me. We are still trying to train the bird but it's getting better. Yesterday I saw Josie my dog, come out of my room with MY sandwich in her mouth, I didn't get the picture so I stuffed the rest of the sandwich back in her mouth just for the pic lol!   tomorrow I have a MULAN show to do! Miss Kathleen (my teacher) said my line has the most laughs! "I heard him too, boss" on Saturday I have 2! 2! shows in one day. OMG i'm going to be so tried that day because I also have to wake up at 6:00 for G-Sales ugh gonna be a long day!