Life goes on, and I'm laughing most of the way. HEHEHEHE... Don't forget to laugh plenty.

Off to rehearsal for Mulan the musical play. I been making lot's of different types of slime and some custom, home made squishies too. Just picked up my camera, so more animal pictures to come soon. still learning (slowly) hehehehe, how to build and fix up this website. It's harder than I thought it would be. Thanks for your patients. I will now attempt to post a pic on here.     hmmmm???


soon to come my blog.. please check out my other links for now  i do have a big art show at the Maui Ocean Center on June 8th  International Ocean Day. stop by if you are on Maui.  plus my slime post on instagram is _honey_slime_   thank you with your patience as I'm learning this slowly in my spare time. Right now I'm in a play (rehearsing), captaining a little kid dance camp and a hundred chores my dad gives me. Plus trying to do more art and photography,   UGH    and my favorite .........  SLEEP